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13 Best Ever Solutions for sleeping like a Beauty Queen



I believe getting enough sleep is critical. Think about it… If you don’t get enough of it, you’ll be cranky, tired and not able to fully function to your max capacity! I personally couldn’t sleep for a few nights and I did not know what was up with my body but I had to figure out something and fast!

Tested and proven, I have a few sleep hacks that you might find helpful to catching your beauty rest! These have helped me tremendously but I want your help too! What other sleep remedies have you used to help you rest well through the night? Comment them below…

  1. Pray! Above everything else, Pray for beauty rest!
  2. Bathe in warm water
  3. Turn off all technology 1hr before bed. Give yourself a curfew.
  4. Cool temp in your room. 65-70 degrees
  5. Read a book… inspirational
  6. Have sex! I don’t have to explain this one. LOL
  7. White noise… such as a fan or tv static
  8. Spray lavender on your pillows or bed sheets
  9. Chamomile tea. Relaxes muscles in your stomach! Whaaa…?!
  10. No caffeine
  11. Make sure your bed is comfy… maybe get a foam to put on top of mattress for more comfort.
  12. Notebook on nightstand. So many nights I’ve gotten in bed and my mind starts going a million miles a minute. Write out your thoughts to help empty your mind.
  13. Feet up! Put your feet up on the couch or against the wall to relax your legs to stimulate lymph flow.

Let me know how these help you tonight! If you know anyone with insomnia, share this with them! Until next time, see you on the next blog. Also, check out my previous post.

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