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iDream of Beauty Must-Haves | My wishlist

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Have you been on YouTube looking at plenty of makeup tutorials and dreaming about all these fancy beauty products they’re using? Me too girl! I am so excited about this blog! Why? Because it’s all about beauty products that I’ve been dreaming to try! 😍 It’s my birthday month and I am making an effort to add some of these beauty “Must-haves” to my growing makeup collection! If you have personally tried any of these items or suggest other brand products, please share your review of them and let me know if they’re worth buying! I’d so appreciate you!


“NARS Sheer Matte foundation”

I have tried quite a few foundations but I have oily skin and nothing seems to really work long enough for me. I’ve heard good things about NARS foundations so I’m hoping to fall in love with it as well.

Makeup Brushes

“Morphe Rose Gold brush set”

Right now, I’ve been using a mixture of brands of brushes(drugstore) but I’m looking to upgrade.


“Velour lashes” (Got it from momma! & Are those real?)

First, let me say that I don’t really wear lashes because mines are naturally long but sometimes I just want to be extra 😂 and I keep seeing Velour making ladies eyes pop so why not try them for myself, right?! Plus, they last way longer than the average lashes!

Lip color

“Milani” (shades: Precious, Fling, Obsession, Amore, Sugar, Violet volt, Nude creme)

I already use Milani lipstick so I know they’re the bomb! If you haven’t tried anything from Milani, lip colors are a must! I’m open to trying new things as well. What other lipstick brands do you suggest for me to try? 💋

Highlight & Contour

“Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit(Shades: That glow and Sundipped) and Contour kit”

“Anastasia BH Dipbrow pomade”

When looking at the makeup tutorials and ladies use this glorious product, I fall in love with the way it makes their skin pop so naturally! I cannot wait to try these beauty must-haves and show you the outcome. And who doesn’t want their brows to be on fleek?! Anxious to get my hands on these beauts!

Eyeshadow palette

“Makeup Geek” (Shades I desire: coca bear, bitten, preppy, shimma shimma, creme brulee, in the spotlight, vanilla bean, grandstand, curfew, showtime, latte)

As you can see, I’m trying to build a whole palette collection. Lol. These colors are so beautiful and I’ll be batting my eyes to my husband all day with these shades on my eyes! Have you tried Makeup Geek eyeshadows yet?

Translucent powder
“Laura Mercier Translucent loose powder”

Can’t wait to try this one and take a selfie! If it’s great with oily skin, it’s definitely for me!

Setting spray

“Slay All Day by Gerard Cosmetics”

I want to slay all day too so I’ll be adding this to my pile of makeup and giving a review soon!

Skin Care

“Philosophy Total Matteness collection”

Based on the reviews I’ve read, it’s amazing with oily skin and helps reduces the appearance of pores. I cannot wait to order this because good skin care is a must before makeup! Sometimes, I just want to be totally natural…no makeup and my skin has to be top notch!
“Clarisonic Mia2 skin cleaning brush system”

Great way to exfoliate the skin. This will definitely reach deep into the skin and pull up that old makeup. I’m looking to upgrade to this beauty!
These are just a few of the many beauty items that I’m anticipating to try and review. 😍 Which of these have you tried? Did you like it and was it worth the money?!? What beauty must-haves do you suggest that I haven’t listed? I can’t wait to hear from you and know what you think! Until next time, stay cute and classy and extra sassy!


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