5 Effective ways that will build your Self Esteem


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Can I tell you something? I didn’t always have confidence or believe in myself. Listening to the wrong people pour their negative thoughts into me was depressing and it was affecting everything around me, totally dragging down my self esteem. I missed out on lots of great business opportunities due to lack of self worth. You know what, something happens when you just get fed up with yourself. You simply decide that you deserve better! 🙌🏼 That’s what happened to me. I decided, for once in my life, that I am going to have the lifestyle, the man and everything else that I want.

When I started doing these 5 things that I’m about to share with you, my life changed for the better. I want to see it happen for you too. Why? Because you deserve it. You are worthy! Practice these 5 effective tips daily and watch how they transform your life.

1. Change your Mindset”
The Bible says, “As a man thinks so is he” Proverbs 23:7 Whatever you think about yourself will show by the way you treat yourself and how you handle day-to-day tasks. A few things I did to change my mindset and grow my confidence was read positive books like the “Bible” or “The Power of I Am” by Joel Osteen and listen to personal development audios on Youtube(Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas, Oprah Winfrey, etc). I cut a lot of negative people out of my life. 🚫 You might even loose friends by doing this but if they’re not trying to help better you, why are they your friend?! Think on that! Get around people with a growth mindset.

2. “Stop caring what people think”
Let me stress this! People’s opinion of you will never pay any of your bills, buy you a new house, or send you on a free vacation so why dwell on what they have to say about what you do. I learned that the one’s that have the most to say simply want to be in your shoes or regretting some things they didn’t get to fulfill in their life and now they want to control yours. Don’t let them! Thank them for their opinions and keep doing you! God will direct your path and only His words matters. Amen! 👏🏼

3. “Believe in You”
This is critical! You have to believe that you are fit to be a queen and you deserve the best. Ask yourself this… Why can’t I have that nice car, my dream man, a better job? You can have whatever you believe you can have! Simple as that. Not believing will hold you back from a lot of great accomplishments. Speak positive affirmations in the mirror(say it aloud) every morning. Say things like,
“I am great at whatever I do… I am creative, motivated and ready… I deserve to live the good life… I am confident in myself… I am able to do ALL things through Christ.” These words have always helped me.

4. “Don’t Settle”
When you practice the three tips above, you will no longer want to settle for mediocrity. Don’t be desperate or in a rush to get what you want when you want it. Sometimes, you have to be patient and wait for the goods. This was a challenge for me because I’m such a fast paced person and I like my things to come quick. But over time, I learned that being patient has it perks! 😍 Rushing into stuff can lead to a complete disaster and you’ll still end up having to wait. Know what you want, work hard for it(sow those seeds), be patient and don’t accept anything less than what you desire. There’s nothing wrong with having standards!

5. “Keep God first”
I saved the best for last but most definitely keep God first in everything you do! Pray and ask for guidance on what to do to boost your self esteem. Grow your relationship with Him and you will start to really learn more about what you’re worth. 📖 If you don’t know how to pray or need a study partner, reach out to someone who does and ask for help. I will even pray with you if you’d like. The Bible is where I grew to learn and love myself more. He’s apart of my daily life. Make Him a priority in yours too and watch things fall into place.

I hope these tips were helpful for you as much as they are for me. Apply them starting today! And remember, YOU are worthy!



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