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Hey beautiful!

So happy that you’ve stopped by! I’m Marie, a 30-something Christian mother of 3 boys and wife to my earthly king and best friend. I’ve been blessed to get to live the lifestyle I get to endure. Can it be challenging? YES! Sometimes, I just want to escape across country but I’d just turn around and run right back like Forrest Gump because I would miss my family too much! I honestly can’t live without them! I’ve found ways to enjoy life, be super mommy, loving wife and still make time for myself. We women deserve “Me Time” and I’m here to show you how!

Experiencing so much in my short life span, I’m looking forward to sharing ways to overcome a few things, even dating crisis and makeup horrors! 😱 You can expect to learn amazing “Lifestyle and Beauty” tips that will save you time and money. I’m cheap(lol) but I still like to live my life to the fullest and you should too! It’s my goal to bring you joy, peace, and wisdom and equip you with recipes to conquer everyday life challenges we face such as parenting, DIY tasks, single/married life and beauty secrets for those that are lost like I once was. LOL. I’m so looking forward to taking you on this life journey with me. It’s possible that we might laugh, encourage each other or even cry together. That’s what we girls like to do right?!!

On this blog, you will get some good ol’ inspiration to help you get your Beyoncé on and walk with confidence while living your dreams aloud. I hope to someday collab with you to help promote each other. Stick around for what’s to come! 💋

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